Calm Night/Spirit

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Calm body and mind, sleep better.

With sedative, antispasmodic and vasodilating properties, this is the herbal tea that helps you to calm down.

If you have a specific clinical situation, if you take multivitamins, diuretics, drainers and/or other types of medication, talk with us and get a unique herbal tea, tailored to you.

STEFITEA herbal teas help you maintain the body hydration rate you need, while providing you the therapeutic benefits of medicinal plants, always respecting your physiological needs and your routines. 

No herbal tea replaces a balanced diet or regular physical exercise.

  • content includes 30 composite sachets
  • infuse one tablespoon of composite tea in boiled water (1L)
  • consume preferably between 7pm and 9pm
  • natural plant extracts
  • no sugar added
  • no preservatives
  • eco-friendly packaging
  • store in a dry, cool and ventilated place, protected from sunlight, and at temperatures below 18º
  • it is recommended to check for possible drug interactions

Peace of mind

Calm Night/Spirit, the daily hydration gesture that helps you to calm down.

Fennel Seeds

Thanks to its composition with anethole, saponins, flavonoids, tannins, coumarins and rosmarinic acid, fennel has a relaxing, anti-inflammatory and antispasmodic action, thus improving sleep quality.


Lavender is a very versatile medicinal plant that can be used to treat various types of pathology due to its relaxing, calming, analgesic and antidepressant properties.

Lemon verbena

The leaves and the stem of this plant, whose main function is to soothe, have a very pleasant scent and taste. It is indicated for spasms and nervous attacks, palpitations and sleep disturbances.


Medicinal plant rich in flavonoids, alkaloids and polyphenols that give it antioxidant, antiseptic and calming properties, therefore making it widely used to reduce stress, relieve headaches or help with wound healing.


Passionflower is a medicinal plant used to relieve stress and prevent anxiety and insomnia.


Vervain’s properties include the relaxing action that helps to treat anxiety, stress, insomnia and digestive disorders.

Fennel Seeds 17%
Lavender 17%
Lemon verbena 17%
Jasmine 17%
Passionflower 16%
Vervain 16%

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