Hydrate with the power of medicinal plants
in a simple daily gesture

Boil 1L of water

Make the infusion

Enjoy all day

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Unique, just like you

A unique herbal tea, to meet your needs


Unique, just like you

A unique herbal tea,
to meet your needs



Experiences that tell stories of health


Experiences that tell
stories of health

I tried out Stefitea herbal teas during the postpartum period to increase hydration and promote breastfeeding. As a pharmacist, the role of Phytotherapy is obvious to me: this is the basis for the creation of any medicine. Still, it surprised me how carefully Stef worried about my health background studying all the possible interactions that could be harmful to the baby, and which plants could help with breast milk production. As a client and as a healthcare professional, I highly recommend it!

Joana Palmela

I could start with the humility, friendliness, kindness and availability with which I am always welcomed by Stef, but the most important thing is that Stefitea herbal teas have changed my physical and my mental well-being. It was enlightening how sometimes we are offered health and it’s only in our hands to accept what we are being offered. I have no words, just gratitude. Well done!

Rita Amaral

I don't need a lot of words to describe my Stefitea experience: I immediately noticed more diuresis (almost immediate effect), I started drinking more water, having more kidney cycles and my urine became clearer, even after workout. The simple gesture of preparing the herbal tea is an act of care and self-love!

Miguel Guimarães