“Value yourself. And then go beyond your limits!”

Stephanie Sousa

Master in Advanced Phytotherapy
Personal Trainer Stefit method
Master in PE and Sport in Portugal

Johnny Sousa

PE teacher in Paris
Personal Trainer
Entrepreneur at Sports Connexion/Playground Paris

Our mission

Take care, preserve and strengthen your health by the smart hydration power of Phytotherapy for greater well-being every day.

Our values

Quality, safety, passion and transparency, with the utmost sense of ecological responsibility and a real commitment to the environment.

Be smart: hydrate.

STEFITEA herbal teas help you maintain the level of hydration your body needs, while giving you the therapeutic benefits of medicinal plants, always respecting your physiological needs and your routines.

No herbal tea replaces a balanced diet or regular physical exercise, so don’t forget: get off the couch!

No two bodies are alike.

With this in mind, we developed 4 different herbal teas, with distinct and wider therapeutic purposes, suitable for those who don’t have a diagnosis of disease.

If you have a specific disease and you need to combine Phytotherapy with medication, we’ll develop an exclusive herbal tea to suit you.

Get to know your body, value it and transform yourself!